“Reflections through the Lens and Back” exhibit about Jewish partisan comes to Sandy Springs

SANDY SPRINGS, GEORGIA – The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust will host the Am Yisrael Chai! exhibition “Reflections Through the Lens and Back” at Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945 in Sandy Springs this summer. The exhibit highlights some of partisan and photographer Faye Schulman’s incredible photographs and more recent paintings.
The exhibit opens on June 26th, 2013, at Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945 and will be on display through August. The exhibit is open to the public and admission is free. Complimentary screenings of the accompanying film "Out of the Fire: The Faye Schulman Story" will be shown to visitors every Thursday at 1pm and every Sunday at 1pm.
Faye Schulman was a young woman when the Nazis destroyed her hometown, killed her family and all but 26 people from the town of Lenin, Poland. She was not killed because she was a photographer and the Nazis wanted her to take photographs of their grizzly deeds – including photographing her family and townsfolk as they lay dead in a communal grave. She later escaped and joined a Russian Partisan unit in the surrounding forests. For two-and-a- half years, she served as a nurse, a partisan fighter and a photographer. In between fighting the Nazis, blowing up railway lines and other acts of guerrilla resistance, she took photographs of her comrades, of the forest and of herself. These photographs were developed under the most primitive conditions using blankets in the forest, water from puddles on the ground and basic rays of sunlight. This exhibit highlights some of Faye Schulman’s incredible photographs and more recent paintings.
Some say the Jews went like sheep
to the slaughter. This is not true.
When they had the slightest
opportunity to escape,
to join the partisans, to fight
the murderers, they did.
I was a Jewish partisan. I lived
two and a half years in the woods
in Nazi occupied territory.
I was a photographer,
I took pictures.
I have proof.
-       Faye Lazebnik Schulman
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