New exhibition series "Georgia's Response to the Holocaust" launches

9 MAY 2014 – The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust launched a new travelling exhibit series titled “Georgia’s Response to the Holocaust” which profiles Holocaust survivors, liberators, rescuers, and activists local to Georgia. The first installment of this series, “A Home for Refugees”, tells the stories of seven survivors who left Europe after Hitler’s rise to power and began new lives in Georgia. It was unveiled on May 2 at the 2014 Days of Remembrance observance in the Georgia State Capitol and is currently on display at the Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945 exhibit in Sandy Springs through October.
The new exhibit series is inspired by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s 2014 Days of Remembrance theme: “Confronting the Holocaust: American Responses”. The exhibit series will examine how individuals and organizations in Georgia responded during the Holocaust and how citizens and lawmakers recognize the important role Holocaust education plays in cultivating the ability to make good choices, develop strong character and promote engaged citizenship.

The exhibit launch on May 2, 2014 at the Days of Remembrance observation in the State Capitol.
The Holocaust survivors featured in “A Home for Refugees” include Henry Birnbrey, Henry Gallant, Herschel Greenblat, Ben Hirsch, Herbert Kohn, Rubin and Lola Lanksy. Photos included in the exhibit are courtesy of The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum. 
The Holocaust Commission’s Executive Director, Sally N. Levine states, “As long as genocide remains a threat, we must continue to ask ourselves about the consequences of action and of inaction. We must understand our responsibilities as a nation and as individuals when confronted with crimes against humanity.  We must understand what our commitment to justice and democracy means when we say ‘never again.’ And we must understand how we have failed when we do not respond.”
Georgia is one of only 13 states to have a Holocaust Commission. The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust was established through Executive Order by Governor Joe Frank Harris in 1986. Governor Zell Miller re-established the Commission upon taking office and charged it with creating educational programs. In 1998, by act of the Georgia General Assembly HB 1664, the Commission became a permanent State Agency. 
After September, the exhibit will be available for loan. To learn more about the exhibit or for more information about submitting a Booking Request, please click here.