Georgia's Response to the Holocaust

"Georgia's Response to the Holocaust" is an exhibit series inspired by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s 2014 Days of Remembrance theme: “Confronting the Holocaust: American Responses.” This exhibit series examines how individuals and organizations in Georgia responded during the Holocaust and how citizens and lawmakers recognize the important role Holocaust education plays in cultivating the ability to make good choices, develop strong character and promote engaged citizenship.

A Home for Refugees

The first installment of this series, “A Home for Refugees”, tells the stories of seven survivors who left Europe after Hitler’s rise to power and began new lives in Georgia. The Holocaust survivors featured in this panel include Henry Birnbrey, Henry Gallant, Herschel Greenblat, Ben Hirsch, Herbert Kohn, Rubin and Lola Lanksy. The panel was inaugerated at the annual Days of Remembrance ceremony at the State Capitol on May 2, 2014.

Witnesses to Liberation

This installment of the series, “Witnesses to Liberation,” profiles six men who served the United States during World War II and witnessed the liberation of Nazi camps between January and April of 1945. The veterans features in this panel include George Aigen, Frank L. Benson, Howard and Hilbert Margol, William A. Scott III, and John P. Yates. This panel is currently on preview at the Commission sponsored Anne Frank in the World and will be inaugerated at the annual Days of Remembrance Ceremony at the State Capitol on April 17, 2015.