Holocaust Learning Trunk Project

The Holocaust Learning Trunk Project is sponsored by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust with support from the Georgia Foundation for Public Education, and The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc., and in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Education.


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About the Project

The project makes trunks full of educational materials available to middle schools throughout the entire state of Georgia at no cost. Each trunk contains a full complement of educational materials about the Holocaust. These trunks and the materials within are meant to be an interdisciplinary supplement to curriculum already in place and assist educators in fulfilling the State's Standards of Excellence by teaching the lessons of the Holocaust.

Trunks are housed by the State's 16 RESAs (Regional Educational Service Agency) and groups of individual school districts.

How it Works

The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust distributes trunks to RESAs and school districts where they are housed and made available for loan to local middle schools.

Educators request a trunk loan online by submitting a trunk check-out request which is fulfilled by their local housing agency upon approval of the request by the Holocaust Commission. Please click here to request a trunk for your school. 

Once the loan period ends, the trunk is returned to the housing agency and all the educators that accessed the trunk submit an online evaluation. Please click here to submit an evaluation.

About the Trunks

The exterior of each trunk is decorated by schools/organizations in metro Atlanta to answer the question "What are the lessons of the Holocaust?" or to commemorate Rescuers, Liberators, or Upstanders. Trunk decorating allows students to express the lessons of the Holocaust through medium of art. Each trunk has a story. No two trunk designs are alike and that is what makes this project unique. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to become involved in such an instrumental project. Participants are needed for 2012 Trunk Decorating. For more information please visit the Trunk Decorating page of this website.

After a trunk is decorated, it is brought back to the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust, packed full of materials, and delivered to its respective housing district. Some trunks are launched in a special presentation at a school with a Holocaust speaker. Pleace click here to view the Trunk Presentation Schedule.