Holocaust Learning Trunk Project: Educator Evaluation for pilot program trunks


The completion of evaluations are a requirement of the sponosoring grant organizations and are the only means to directly measure the success and scope of the Holocaust Learning Trunk Project. 

It is the responsibility of each educator that has access to a trunk and uses any material provided within to complete an evaluation. 

Please complete and submit the evaluation below within 30 days after accessing a trunk. 



Loan Details


If more than one educator accessed the trunk during its stay at your school, please note that each educator should complete an evaluation. When completing this portion of the form, please report the number of students you instructed using the trunk contents.
Date of trunk arrival
Date of trunk departure



How would you rate the thematic content of the trunk?
1 insufficient23 fair45 good67 excellent
Age approprietness
Historical accuracy
Social, political, and cultural context
Variety of genres
Balance of personal stories, primary sources, and factual evidence
Which DVD(s) did you use in the classroom with your students?
Select all that apply.
Which poster(s) did you use in the classroom with your students?
Select all that apply.

Teaching Guide


How would you rate each component of the Guide and Resourches?
1 not useful23 occasionally useful45 useful67 extremely useful
Summary of Materials
Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust
What have we learned?
Pyramid of Hate
36 Questions about the Holocaust
Holocaust Terminology
Holocaust Chronology
Suggestions for Further Reading



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