2018 Creative Arts Student Contest

Incite, Resist, Document:
Weighing the Power of Words

All students of grades 6-12 in Georgia are eligible to reflect on this theme and enter.


Read the Requirements and Guidelines

Before you begin, carefully review the Requirements and Guidelines. Failure to adhere to all requirements and guidelines will result in your entry being disqualified. 


When conducting research, students may only use the sources provided on the Approved Sources page. All entries must be accompanied by a Works Cited page with a minimum of three total sources. 


All entries must reflect the contest theme and represent the original, independent effort of the student. Each entry must reflect the contest theme "Incite, Resist, Document: Weighing the Power of Words".


All entries except non-digital Visual Art entries must be attached to the online Submission Form. The deadline for all entries is March 6, 2018. The webform will close at 4pm. Any entry received after or postmarked on the deadline, will be automatically disqualified. 


Each entry is judged on historical accuracy, thematic content, and artistic excellence. Entries that are not historically accurate will not be processed for judging. First through third place winners will be recognized at the Days of Remembrance ceremony in the State Capitol on April 20, 2018. All first place winners will receive an iPad mini. Further prizes will be announced.