Getting Started

How to Identify Reputable Historical Sources

How can a you determine what is “good history”?  

How can you avoid questionable or completely unfounded statements and claims?

Make careful distinctions about sources of information and why it was written. Read more.

Study the events of the Holocaust in the context of European history as a whole. Read more.

Analyzes deeds and motivations using information, technology, and social mores of that period rather than contemporary 21st century standards. Read more.

Whether you're preparing to teach about the Holocaust for the first time or are looking to add to an existing lesson, we'll help you determine what to teach and how teach it. Let's get started.


Online Resources for Teaching About the Holocaust

All educational materials and resources provided by the Commission are available at no charge online. We also provide homeschool resources.

Traveling Exhibits Available for Loan

Traveling exhibits provided by the Commission are available for loan to schools in Georgia. There is no rental fee for borrowing any of these exhibits.


Workshops and Trainings for Educators

We host professional development sessions throughout the state to provide educators with the tools to teach “good history” using historically accurate materials and primary sources.


Request a Speaker or GCH Educator

The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust can customize a program that is appropriate for your students whether it is an in-person speaker, GCH Educator, activity, a virtual program, or some combination.  Complete the information form and let us work with you to create a program that fits your needs. 

Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust