"Teaching About the Holocaust: Lessons for Today" educator workshop series

The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust presents the educator workshop series "Teaching About the Holocaust: Lessons for Today" at locations throughout the state.

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Teaching about the Holocaust demands a high level of sensitivity and keen awareness of the subject matter. The workshops in this series provide educators with resources and pedagogical approaches to teach about this period of history and the important lessons it provides.


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Educators of grades 5 and up, including but not limited to classroom teachers of any discipline, school administrators, curriculum coordinators, and media specialists. Priority will be given to educators who are currently assigned to teach about the Holocaust.

Workshop attendees will receive:

  • Free meals

  • Free books and resources

  • Certification of contact hours

  • Reimbursement for substitute pay

  • Powerful testimony by a Holocaust survivor

  • Presentations by professional Holocaust educators

  • Model lessons and activities for teaching to the new 2017 Georgia Standards of Excellence

Workshop attendees are required to:

  • attend both days of the workshop
  • provide their own transportation to and from the site
  • complete an evaluation of the workshop provided by the Commission 
  • be responsible for maintaining communication with program evaluators 3 months and 6 months following the completion of the workshop
  • provide follow-up to the Commission demonstrating a commitment to sharing new materials or projects connecting students to the history and lessons of the Holocaust acquired as a result of attending the workshop

Current Schedule

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June 8-9, 2017

Atlanta, Georgia

North Fulton Government Service Center



In appreciation to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) for supporting this educator training program. Through recovering the assets of the victims of the Holocaust, the Claims Conference enables organizations around the world to provide education about the Shoah and to preserve the memory of those who perished. This workshop series has also been made possible with support from  The Marcus Foundation, Inc.