On March 30, 2017, Governor Nathan Deal signed a proclamation declaring April 23-30, 2017, as "Holocaust Days of Remembrance" in Georgia. 

These Days of Remembrance have been set aside for the people of the State of Georgia to remember the victims and honors the survivors, rescuers, and liberators of the Holocaust."

The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust has designated “Choosing to Act: Resistance During the Holocaust” as the theme of the 2017 Georgia Days of Remembrance. The 2017 State Official Days of Remembrance Observance will be held in the State Capitol on April 28.

The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as our nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust. By Law, the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust is charged with holding an annual remembrance observance.

...we, as citizens of the State of Georgia, should work to promote human dignity and confront hate whenever and wherever it occurs." 

The Governor of Georgia annually issues proclamations declaring the Friday following the United States Holocaust Memorial Musem's remembrance observance as Georgia's official Days of Remembrance. On behalf of the State, the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust hosts this ceremony in the State Capitol.