Speakers Bureau

The opportunity to hear the first-person account of a Holocaust survivor, witness, rescuer, liberator or educator is often a once in a lifetime experience. The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust is brings speakers to schools, civic groups, military bases, and communities throughout the state in order to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and promote public understanding of the history.

Are you interested in requesting a speaker? 

  1. Please read the Host Information Packet.
  2. Review the current program schedule to ensure a program is not already booked on the date you would like to request.
  3. Once you have read and agree to the requirements listed in the Host Information Packet, please submit a request form. Please note that requests must be sent a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the preferred program date. Please be aware that the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust is busiest from February through May. For requests during this season, we encourage you to submit your request two to three months in advance.

The sheer number of people affected during the Holocaust is almost incomprehensible. The ability to bring speakers to audiences in Georgia is an important aspect of the Commission’s support of Holocaust education. By replacing the statistics with personal stories, the survivors and victims are given a voice and it also ensures that the Holocaust is never forgotten.

Group Size

A minimum audience size of 75 attendees is required for any speaker program.

Age Level

Members of the audience should be grade 5 and above.

Required Approval of Promotional Materials

All promotional materials will be provided by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust unless other arrangements are made. Any changes or edits must be approved by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust staff prior to public distribution.

All promotion online and in print must include the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust logo and website address: www.holocaust.georgia.gov.

A flyer, press release, and event page will be provided by the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust upon receipt of the signed Loan Agreement. 


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